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Plinga Mahjong


Mouse, keyboards


Play a new and exciting Mahjong game and train your eye for detail. How perceptive are you? Look at the tiles of this Chinese game and see if you can spot the matching pairs. You will have to combinate the pairs to clear them away and remove the whole layout. However, a tile only becomes playable if it is not (partially) covered by another tile, and if at least one of the long ends of the rectangular tile is free (that is, not butting up against another tile). Think before you act, but don't dawdle or your time will run out! Collect enough experience points (XP) to unlock new layouts and achievements!

How To Play?
Find out how perceptive you are, while having fun playing new and exciting Mahjong. Choose your favorite game mode, collect XPs and unlock new achievements!

+ Over 1500 boards!
+ Easy to play, tap & tap to match two tiles, make them crush.
+ A new free Mahjong Ocean every day!
+ Designed for all ages, have fun with your families.
+ Thousands of levels with challenges.
+ Free hints help you to make game easier.
+ Complete daily mission, claim powerful rewards.
+ All styled themes for FREE!
+ Optimized for portrait mode, playing game in one hand!
+ HD Graphics.

GamesBx >> Mahjong >> Plinga Mahjong

by KiX Games
Plinga GmbH
Hausvogteiplatz 11A
10117 Berlin

Web browser / Android OS

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More Information About this Game
Mahjong Ocean is a free solitaire matching game that using mahjong tiles.
Simple rules and engaging game play.

How to Play
To match open pairs of identical tiles.
Remove them from the board.
Collect stars to unlock new levels.




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